Artist's Statement
   Maze started as a project for my senior year artist portfolio web design class. I had always wanted to make a website you could get lost in, that wasn't easy to navigate or 'professional' looking. I wanted a website where each time you visited it you discovered something different. I decided to turn the site itself into the art piece.
   Maze is about myself and my love/hate relationship with the internet. I work by digitally manipulating and recontextualizing found images and text as well as photographs and scans of my drawings and sculptures. The web pages and links between them are a record of my search for meaning and purpose, as well as searches for answers to less existential questions. "Can you wear shorts in 70 degree weather?" "How to know what to do with your life" doesn't bring me any closer to knowing the answer. I know it is a doomed endeavor, and yet I keep searching. Maybe someone on yahoo answers knows. Maze is a work in progress, my continuing interpretation of what I discover on these internet adventures.
   Maze also emerges from my desire to express personal thoughts and emotions while still remaining in the safe, opaque world of ambiguity, irony and abstraction. This piece is thus both intimate and distant. The internet provides the perfect medium of expression- a web of connectivity and alienation (being together alone, alone together, etc.). I share secrets and feelings that have been far enough removed from reality to be rendered practically nonsensical. I can unburden myself and yet remain invulnerable.
Cordelia Alquist
May 2013